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Submit the following documents to NEXTAI GLOBAL Insurance Company within three working days:

Written claim for payment of insurance indemnity
A written description of the event,
and copies of original documents required to open the insurance claim regarding indemnification of damages:

Insurance policy (original copy)
Driver’s license (original copy)
Certificate of vehicle registration (original copy)
Passport (original copy)
Certificate of tax identification number assignment (copy)
Report issued by the competent authorities – police or fire authority (if available)
Notarized power of attorney for representing the interests of the policyholder, if another person represents the policyholder’s interests during settlement of losses as a result of an insured event occurrence (original copy)

If desired, you can receive the insurance indemnity directly to your bank account. To do this, you will need to provide your bank details to the Company. See Application/Bank Details

If, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy the bank is the beneficiary, NEXTAI GLOBAL Insurance Company will agree and determine the recipient of insurance indemnity on the basis of a letter from the bank.

The representative of NEXTAI GLOBAL Insurance Company will provide you with relevant information regarding the settlement of your claim, namely:

The list of additional documents that must be submitted to complete the case (if necessary)
The contact telephone number and email address of the settlement specialist.