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About us

What we do and why it matters

Helping you prepare for life’s biggest challenges

From car insurance to critical illness cover, pet insurance to pension plans, we offer insurance and savings products to help you protect the important things in life.

Our aim is to give you the confidence and control to be ready for whatever life has to throw at you.

The UK’s most innovative insurance company

With over 1 million customers in the UK, we’re the largest insurance company in the country. But we know that every one of you is different. And we’re here to help protect what’s important to you – from your new car to private healthcare.
We’re a composite insurer – which means we can offer a huge range of insurance and savings products – from car, home and health insurance to pensions and investments.So whatever the future has to hold, we’re here to help you prepare for life’s challenges and opportunities.

What matters to us

We work hard to focus on the things that really matter – putting you at the heart of everything we do.

True Customer Composite: We offer everything from life and health insurance to general insurance and pension plans. This is what sets us apart. We are the only composite insurer of scale in the UK.

Digital First: We work to make managing your cover as simple, convenient and easy as possible. So we focus on putting digital, first. So you can get on with the more exciting things in life.

Not Everywhere: We focus our business on where we can be most helpful to our customers. We choose our products and markets carefully, making sure we provide the best value and experience for you.

Our history

For over 7 years, we’ve been supporting people through life’s challenges and opportunities. 

Since 2012, we’ve been focused on the needs of our customers – learning from the strength of our past and leading the way in providing the best possible service.

Quills and parchment might have been replaced by computers and smartphones, but what we do and why we do it never does.

And this is reflected in our values: Care MoreKill ComplexityNever Rest and Create Legacy.

Our purpose

No-one knows what’s round the corner – whether it’s a broken boiler, an unplanned stay in hospital, your child’s first day at university, or what your retirement has in store.

We’re here to help you defy uncertainty and look to the future with confidence.